Adventures of the Traveling Hard Hat

Introducing – Gypsy Walker – our ever adventurous, traveling hard hat! When you see Gypsy you will come to find that exciting things are in the works or new milestones are being reached! Gypsy is your inside guide to the most anticipated goings on at Millennium, so keep an eye out for her segments. First up though, Gypsy’s inside scoop on our upcoming project with Taylor Morrison Houston.

“Hello everyone! If the photo didn’t tip you off, Chau, Kathryn and I took a special trip out to visit Taylor Morrison’s Grand Vista expansion this week, which is set to open September 2017. I have to say those models are shaping up nicely and the Millennium Designs team is eager to install this fall. With five different models all carefully designed with one-on-one attention from five of our designers, this new community has something to offer for everyone! I won’t give away too much, because let’s be honest, you are going to want to SEE them with your own eyes. Let me just put it this way: if you love modern elegance, paired down farmhouse modernism, a more traditional homey feel, kids rooms that make us all want to relive our childhood, awesome family and entertainment spaces, and of course design that makes you go “ahhhh”, then Grand Vista’s grand opening is something you won’t want to miss! A little tip: if you want the inside scoop on how you can be one of the first people to tour this new community then head on over to Taylor Morrison’s page and contact one of their sales managers today! Until then, keep an eye out for more on our partnership with Taylor Morrison; I might even be able to get you some behind the scenes exclusives when the Millennium team starts installation (but shhh… that will be our little secret)…”