Pets are People Too!

Our connection with animals is a profound one. Whether it be a four legged, furry cuddle buddy, a winged fowl, a scaly companion or an aquatic treasure, we love to love our pets. It should be no surprise that because people’s love for their pets is so strong that we feel the need to provide for them like any of our other family members. We want them to be fed, warm and provided for. Our pets are family and therefore they should be considered when designing a family home.

In a recent survey conducted by SunTrust, 33 percent of people ages 18 to 36 surveyed said that the desire to have more suitable space for their dogs played a key role in their decision to buy a home. The inclination to provide better outdoor and indoor spaces for their dogs was noted more often as a motivator to buy a home than marriage or expecting a child. Luckily for us, our building partners recognize the need for pet spaces in the home and are always open minded to the ideas we pitch. Take a look at a few dog spaces from our partnership with Brookfield Residential on their active adult community, Kissing Tree, earlier this year…


This simple, modern space features a floor-to-ceiling, subway tiled pet shower and an under-cabinet bed nook. Its location off the front of the home makes it easy to get pets all rinsed down after any outdoor adventure and with the washer and dryer in the same room, post shower clean up and laundry is a breeze too! We added in some simple storage containers and baskets to keep treats and toys easily accessible, as well as hooks in the shower area for leashes and shower supplies. This space offers it all from clean, modern, inviting design to functionality and comfort for our furry family members.

In this home, Bruno gets an upgraded indoor dog house nestled right under the stairs! Oo-la-la! With a framed-out door and doggy gate to match the stair spindles, this space is perfect for dogs that need more restrictions when their family is away for parts of the day.  Add in Bruno’s favorite dog bed, bowls for food and water and voilà, he’s all set to go. Under stair pet areas have increased in popularity a lot over the years because they are easily added into existing homes during remodels or new builds by converting under stair storage typically included in builder floor plans. Never be afraid to ask your builder or designer if this is a possibility in your home. Every pet should have their own special space!

Lastly, if your dog is just a bit more glamorous and photogenic we love the idea of personalizing utility spaces with black and white photography of your favorite pet(s). This mosaic-tiled shower is perfect for almost any size dog and the floating beam shelves above can be used to showcase your fur baby’s photography, to store treats, shower supplies or whatever your heart desires. The sky (or in this case – the ceiling) is the limit! This utility/dog space also featured an under the cabinet bed nook and stylish towel cubbies so that everything you need is at your fingertips.

You don’t need a lot of space to make your pet feel at home, just the right design and the right designer to execute your desires. If you have a pet in your life that needs their own special space we’d love to talk about how to accomplish that in your home; we’d love to meet you and your pet(s) for a design consultation. Reach out to us here for more information. Now excuse us while we run home to cuddle the animals in our lives!