Color Science in Your Space

With all the craziness going on in the world, I know what you’re probably most concerned about. What colors should you choose for your room? Ok, maybe that’s not your biggest priority. But whether you realize it or not, the colors in your space play a huge part in your mood and body chemistry. Have you ever walked in a room and been instantly energized? Or maybe you’ve walked into a space and immediately felt calm. Many factors go into the feel of a room, but one of the most important of those factors is color. In fact, 90% of snap decisions made are influenced by the color of their environment! So which direction should you go?

To start, you want to think about whether you prefer warm or cool tones. Every color has different effects, but generally, certain color groups have similar outcomes. Warm tones (such as yellow, orange, and red) have been proven to make you more energized and happy. Whereas cool tones (such as blue, green, and purple) calm and relax. Both groups have positive effects, so choose the color group you feel most drawn to!

Now that we have picked our color group, let’s get into some specifics on a few of the most common decorative colors.


Red is known for elevating feelings like excitement, energy, and love. Another fun fact, red plays a big part in your appetite! This is why you typically see a lot of red in kitchens or even at a restaurant. 


Rooms with pink tones have moods of sophistication and sweetness. The feelings typically elicited from pink surroundings include compassion and sincerity. Pink is a great accent color for an elegant home office!


Orange is a very bold color, so it’s no surprise that orange represents bravery and success.. It also is known to inspire confidence! An orange room would be perfect for a go-getter who loves to motivate others. 


Is it any surprise that yellow induces feelings of happiness and cheer? Turning it from a bright yellow to a strong gold brings feelings of warmth and creativity. Yellow and gold are perfect colors for artists, musicians, and anyone who loves to bring creativity into their day to day.


While green is heavily connected to nature, it also promotes healing! Green brings freshness and quality into any space, and you can even just utilize it by adding a few plants. Green is a great color for those who love the outdoors and want a safe space to recharge.


As one of the most popular cool tones, it’s no wonder that blue brings feelings of peace. On top of that, it instills motivations of trust and loyalty! Blue is a perfect color for high-energy people who want to decompress. 


Purple has always been known as the classic color for royalty and luxury. But did you know purple also has been proven to raise your ambition and imagination? It is also tied to boosting spirituality due to its calming yet vibrant nature. Anyone who loves to think outside the box would benefit from adding some purple to their space. 

Whites and Neutrals

A room with a lot of white is most commonly known to feel clean. Its brightness sends messages of simplicity and honesty. Browns have more rugged energy, but also feelings of dependability and trustworthiness. There’s a reason that whites and naturals are so popular, they are clean and classic, and most of all dependable.

While it seems like there are a million options to choose from (have you SEEN the paint wall at Home Depot??), you can’t go wrong with any of these colors in your space. From the colors of the rainbow to simple neutrals, you create the energy you want for your home, so let your personality shine through!