Stepping Into Spring

The time has finally come to ditch the winter coat, and as we approach the two-year anniversary of staying indoors, spring has been on our minds more than ever. Was that sunlight peeking behind those clouds? Here are some of our ideas on how you and your home can step into spring this year.


What says spring more than nature in bloom? In some climates, spring is still cold. Bringing some plants into your home can give you that warm spring feeling you’ve so been wanting. Greenery is especially popular, and indoor plants are making a huge statement this year. Whether your plants are real, or if you just tell people they are, they can liven up your space instantly.

Pop of Color

With spring comes color! From accent pillows to accent walls, color can completely redefine your space. Try out a new throw on your couch, or repaint your bedroom. The possibilities are endless, and your color choices will make your space uniquely you!

Natural Wood

Along with colors, hardwood furniture can give us a sense of being close to nature. With the return of mid-century modern design, wood is a staple that surely stands the test of time. Whether it’s ripping up your carpet and showing off those hardwood floors, or just adding a credenza to your living room, wood is here to stay in a fabulous way.

Ditch the Blinds

Let some light in! Ditch your blinds for an open window and curtains. The natural light the window will bring will immediately open up your space and make it feel bigger than it is. If you don’t want to part with your blinds, just roll them up!


Bring the smell of spring into your home this season. Our sense of smell is deeply tied to our mood and our memories! The smell of fresh flowers is one that almost no one can be unhappy around. And if you can’t get fresh flowers, opt for a scented candle or fragrance sticks, with lighter scents like lemon, fresh linen, or Egyptian musk.

Stretch It Out

If the winter blues still got you down, take some time to elevate yourself with some yoga or stretching. Being active not only is good for your physical health, but also your mental health. Yoga is scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure, which can also reduce fatigue, anxiety, and anger. To make it even better, lay out your mat on your back porch!

However you plan on stepping into spring, be sure to step with confidence!